M6 Global Resources seeks to network, train, and empower people in business and humanitarian sectors. Learn about our international missions, here.

We are seeking:

  • People of knowledge, expertise and experience • Individuals and groups willing to partner financially to make improvements in the world
  • Volunteers of good character to assist us with project development
  • Academic interns in specific areas.
  • Our programs are diverse. Our outreach is life-changing. Our goal is barrier breaking.

M6 Global Resources builds lives and strengthens communities. Connect, Correct, Celebrate.

M6 Global Resources was formed to provide additional streams of revenue and support services for humanitarian organizations in Washington State and across the globe. Our primary focus is to deploy both funds and development services to these organizations that empower individuals and families to overcome economic and social hardship. With an elite group of volunteers with professional business experience, M6 brings the strategy of business to the heart of community programs. We are able to provide non-profit and for-profit corporations with consulting and marketing services for programs that directly impact communities. This program is possible because of the many dedicated volunteers on our team and the support of local businesses and individuals. We believe, that as a group, we can change the socio-economic climate for those served by the world’s non-profit and related programs. Our contribution of time, services, and skills make portent community-based programs effective and successful. Please join us in our mission to support the world one meaningful program at a time.

Get involved, get connected.

M6 Global Resources is an IRS Recognized 501c3.

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