Hope Home Orphanage, Northern India

About Hope Home

Hope Home Women’s Youth Orphanage was started as a rescue mission for at-risk young girls living in North India. Hope Home began its journey with just a few girls at the home of a caring local family, who saw the need for a safe living environment for young girls in northern India. Over the span of a few years, Hope Home has outgrown its space and requires a new building immediately, to house it’s 33 young girls.


Our operation in India has saved several young girls from the vice-grip of death and many others from treacherous living situations. One young girl named Mercy was rescued from an alleyway where she was left by a gang of criminals who abducted her and sexually assaulted her for two days straight. With the help of M6, Mercy was brought to a safe living space, the Hope Home Orphanage, and raised with the love and care she needed to eventually integrate into the Indian school system and succeed to go onward to college.

This is just one of the many life stories, Hope Home has been able to turn into a tale of success. Help us continue this narrative and save the lives of more at-risk youth.

Vision for Hope Home

M6 has procured land for three new buildings for its orphanage although, we still require $300,000 USD to begin the building process. Additionally, we plan to continue supporting the monthly operations cost of the Hope Home, an additional $5,000 USD a month. Hope Home has radically changed the life trajectory of the young girls it supports. With your help, we can continue to help these girls blossom into successful adults. Click here to donate to the Hope Home today.