Economic Development and Business Mentorship Programs, Mexico

Started 9 years ago due to the need for financial literacy, entrepreneurial mentorship, and economic stimulus in the Mexico City region, M6founder Dr. Scroggins, began a series of conferences, programs, and partnerships that have led to tremendous success stories among small business owners across the country. Within the last three conferences held, M6 has drawn over 650 attendees to get strategic business advice and financial literacy. The program has been so educational, Mexican government officials have reached out to M6 to look to expand the courses and conferences for economic development. 


Local jello manufacturing business owner Maria Gonzales was confined to her closet-sized plant where operations for her business were dwarfed. Due to her limited business management knowledge and lack of connections, her product’s potential was blocked. After partnering with M6, Maria was given trucking resources, and assistance negotiating for a properly sized manufacturing plant to expand her business from the streets of Mexico City all the way to Cancun.

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