A couple of months ago I learned that a pastor friend was facing some challenges with his orphanage in Varanasi, India.  Pastor Gustavo Melo of Restoring Asia Ministries has more orphans than room to house them.  Currently, they rent a home where they house the little girls and the staff to operate the orphanage.  Recently they have been asked, by the government, to find another location.  The space where they reside is too small for the number of children.   Pastor Melo was able to negotiate the purchase of a piece of land for $24,000 to build an orphanage.  He has until the end of June to complete this transaction or he loses the opportunity.  Restoring Asia has raised $10,000 of the $24,000 needed to complete this project.  Our calling is to help raise the rest.

Please consider a heartfelt and much-appreciated donation.  Every dollar is tax deductible and will go directly to the project.

Thank you so much in advance!